Health at Dagpo Shedrub Ling

It is crucial to develop and maintain efficient and proper health care at Kaïs, especially as both the monastic community and the primary school are growing. Community life raises specific issues, particularly the prevention of contagious diseases such as swine flue, which has severely affected India this year. Health care must address a variety of situations such as the diversity of ages.

A Tibetan nurse works and lives at Dagpo Shedrup Ling. He is in charge of both the pupils of Thosam Ling School and the monks. An Indian doctor also comes about once a month – or more if need be – to check the children and any other members of the community that need to consult him. Furthermore when Venerable Dagpo Lama Rinpoche is teaching at the monastery – for a few weeks once a year, Tibetan doctors sometimes attend the session, offering traditional treatment for the community.

In case of disease, if the nurse is not able to diagnose the pathology or give the appropriate treatment, depending on the situation, he brings the patient either to the nearby city of Kullu, which has a radiology center and a laboratory for blood analysis, or to Manali Hospital, located an hour from the monastery.

How could the current set-up be improved

First of all, priority should be given to caring for the numerous and recurrent dental problems experienced by the residents. It would be good if we could receive the help of a dentist in this respect.

ORL pathologies are also widespread and should be looked after carefully.
More generally, it would be useful if each person had a health record in which the health care professionals could record the treatments they provide. This would enable a more personalized care of both pupils and monks. Each person would have their own health record (a small note book) to keep.