Samuel Evans Stokes, an American planning to settle in India, came to the Kullu-valley in 1916 and planted a single apple tree. When he passed away in 1946, the apple business had boomed and become one of the most important sources of income for the people of the valley. To this day the Kullu apple is famous across India. In a similar way, a medical post, constructed with a sustainable heating and cooling system, could spark a valley full of sustainable, affordable and comfortable homes. To accomplish and realise this, many parties are collaborating and cooperating on the Kaïs’ medical post project.

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Heating Project monastery

This year, we started investigating the possibility of installing a heating system in the monastery. Because there are a lot of cold but sunny days, we wish to develop a heating system completely reliant on solar energy.

As you probably may have understood, Dagpo Dratsang is located in India at the foothills of the Himalayas with an altitude around 2000 metres. This means it can get icy cold in wintertime, with temperatures dropping below 0, hail, snow and freezing winds.

Up to now, the monastery was unheated and people just bore the cold. As was customary in Dagpo Dratsang in Tibet, people simply wore extra layers and never complained. In those days, the monks were hardened and able to withstand extreme cold. However, these Spartan conditions are, of course, horribly outdated. Now the opportunity to improve their living conditions has finally arisen. Heating will contribute considerably to the monks' health and their focus and concentration on their meditation and studies. Not only because they will no longer have to suffer the immense cold, but also because their rooms will be less humid while properly heated.

The same architectural firm that installed the acoustic insulation in the debate room is now working on the technical details of this project. Currently, they are doing research to find a system with the highest energy efficiency and they are making drawings for the installation. What currently has to be decided is which parts of the buildings will get heating straight away, which parts will get heating at a later stage and which ones won't get heating at all.
At the same time, we will take a close look at possible further improvements of the insulation of several rooms, because there are currently many windows and doors that do not provide proper protection from the wind and the cold and would hinder the heating in its effectiveness. Double glazed windows are too expensive for the moment.

The Dagpo Educational Fund has been asked to contribute to this sustainable and ecological project. In principle, the foundation's board has agreed, but they are waiting for the results of the research, the drawings and the firm's offer. After this, the board will make a final decision on their contribution to this important project.